Broock Veraart
Broock VeraartEHS&T Co-ordinator
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The Product worked Extremely well. When fitted on a twin boom Jumbo to one boom a reduction in hose related maintenance and replacement tp the side applied was remarkable. Comments from operators was all positive. It is easy to fit, quick to fit and reusable and durable. Full containment of leaks is a positive and has improved the safety of our workforce.
Quinton Payne
Quinton PayneTwin Boom Jumbo Operator
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I have been using the hydraulic shield to keep the hoses together (bunched up) sp they don't get caught up on moving parts and offer protection from fly rock, cuts and tears. Also to minimise the risk of hydraulic injection while testing and observing damaged hoses. Changing a Hydraulic hose on a Jumbo is the most hated chore in my experience as an operator. If the loom is correctly hung and at the correct length then the chances of catching the loom is greatly reduced on the other hand if cutting and grit cant get between hoses = less damage.
Leiceiter Dof
Leiceiter DofEHS Coordinator
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A good hardworking product that is easy to put on, and has a far superior life span of the product that was being used before. The product reduces the risk of hydraulic injection.
Brett Langdon
Brett LangdonFitter
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I got the Hydraulic Shield to see what it was going to be like and I was more than impressed with it. not only is it safer but also saving on more maintenance.
Aaron Ranking
Aaron RankingSite Manager
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I was impressed by the concept and was interested to see the quality of the product. Hydraulic Shield performed better than my expectations.
Shane Redmond
Shane RedmondDrill Fitter
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Exceeded my expectations and lastest twice as long as any alternatives. Was easier to use and increased Availability. Hope to use it on all our machinery in the future.